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About Cryptosaurus

Billions of years ago, oceans of primordial soup covered the Earth containing the organic compounds that would eventually develop into the first single-celled organisms. As the years passed, these organisms evolved, eventually becoming the intelligent and fascinating beings that we all know and love – the dinosaurs!

Amongst these creatures was a particularly mysterious Jurassic beast known as the Cryptosaurus. With only a partial femur discovered by geologist Lucas Ewbank in Oxford, England in 1869, little was known about this enigmatic genus… until now…

Through the miracle of modern science, we have grown (with some genetic modifications…) our very own Cryptosaurus, and he has embarked on a mission to make high commission charges on cryptocurrency FIAT sites extinct!

With his help, we want to make purchasing cryptocurrency as simple as possible, with the lowest commission charges in the UK. Cryptosaurus is a competitive chap, always looking to offer the best rates on the market!

Feel safe with Cryptosaurus

We are not advocating playing with dinosaurs – for legal reasons, we should point out that playing with live dinosaurs may not always end well – but Cryptosaurus has been developed with your safety and security in mind.

Our PCI-DSS compliant card payment system is managed and hosted by a major UK retail bank – your payment details are encrypted and sent directly to them, so we never see or handle any of it.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) was created to process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. This is achieved through enforcing tight controls in relation to the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data. PCI-DSS is intended to protect this sensitive data, and has a number of strict high-level requirements:

  • firewall protection;
  • regular updates to system passwords and other security parameters;
  • encrypted data storage;
  • encrypted transmission of data;
  • secure systems and applications;
  • restricted, need-to-know access to customer data;
  • restricted access to network resources;
  • regular testing of systems and processes; and
  • compliant Information Security policies.

Ultimately, we take security very seriously and are constantly reviewing and updating our systems and processes as new threats emerge. And, when necessary, we have a pretty big dinosaur on hand to deal with any ne’er-do-wells!