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Why is Cryptosaurus in Beta?

Last updated: 17/07/2017

As you may have noticed, the Cryptosaurus website is quite new to the cryptocurrency FIAT market. We’re fully functioning, ready to take your order and deliver cryptocurrency coins to you in flash (or as close to it as possible!), but we have made the decision to launch as a ‘Beta‘ site for the first few weeks.

The main reason for this is that we like to do things a little differently – we don’t just want to offer cryptocurrency at the lowest rates on the market, we want to build a service that is driven by a community of customers… (And a dinosaur…)

Over the coming weeks and beyond, we will be keeping an eye on how visitors  use the Cryptosaurus site and making adjustments to the site based on our observations and your feedback. We will also be looking for more substantial improvements that we might be able to make, and adding them to our long-term development plan.

We want to involve you and the rest of the Cryptosaurus community as we develop new features for the site, so please use our contact form to submit any suggestions that you may have. All thoughts are welcome – if you have a suggestion that will obviously make the Cryptosaurus experience better, we will be very keen to hear it!

Once Mr Cryptosaurus is confident that the website is running smoothly and efficiently, with visitors finding what they need easily and generally having a ‘good time’, we will bring the site out of ‘Beta’. The community involvement and drive for perfection won’t stop there though – that will always be at the heart of what we do.

Some of things we are already working on:

  • Additional payment options, including a card payment system (coming very soon!)
  • Even lower transaction fees – we currently charge 4% for banking and administrative charges, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce this.
  • A more robust market fed pricing system (there is currently a fair bit of manual intervention occurring to maintain the coin prices…)
  • A better/quicker way to iron Mr Cryptosaurus’s suits…

Please, get in touch if you have any other suggestions. And thank you for being part of our community.

The Cryptosaurus Team