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Frequently asked questions

How do I register to use Cryptosaurus?

Please see our ‘How to register’ guide for full instructions on how to register and get verified.

How do I buy through Cryptosaurus?

Please see our ‘How to buy’ guide for full instructions on how to purchase coins once you are registered and verified.

What password should I use?

Your password will be set for you when you register, but we recommend that you change it to something secure and memorable when you first log in. The password should be at least twelve characters long, using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ).

What are the accepted forms of ID for the identity verification process?

To comply with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) regulations and guidelines, we require proof of identity before users can buy or sell cryptocurrency on Cryptosaurus.

Verification requires one proof of name document AND one proof of address document from the list below. Until both documents are uploaded and verified, you will not be able to buy or sell through Cryptosaurus.

Acceptable proof of name documents

Identification documents must be valid at the time of upload, with at least three months remaining before their expiry date. They must not be black and white, and should not be scanned with any OCR functionality as this interferes with our ability to validate the ID.

Please do not merge the front and back of any ID cards onto the same page – instead, upload them as separate pages/photos.

Proof of name is required even if your account is for company use.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Passport (full photo page)
  • Full driving license (photocard, front and back)
  • Provisional driving license (photocard, front and back)
  • National ID card (photocard, front and back)
  • PASS card (with photograph and date of birth)

Forms of ID that are NOT acceptable:

  • Student/NUS card
  • Locally issued cards, e.g. local authority bus pass with photo
  • Handwritten documents

Note: Residential permits are not usually sufficient, and are always rejected for people born outside of the EEA (e.g. Russia) and living in Europe.

Acceptable proof of address documents

All proof of address documents must be no more than three month old, featuring an issue date within the last three months. These can be digital files in PDF format (i.e. downloaded from an online account), but they must not be edited in any way. Screenshots of PDF documents will not be accepted.

If you are validating an account for company use, please ensure the proof of address document is addressed to the company, and that the company’s name is included on your personal profile page.

The following documents are usually acceptable for all payment methods, including card payments.

Acceptable proof of address documents are:

  • Fixed phone line bill
  • Council tax bill
  • TV license
  • TV provider bill
  • Internet services bill (e.g. broadband)
  • Utility bill (e.g. gas, electricity)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Mobile phone bill
  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement
  • Accommodation rental bill, including:
    • Rent statements from your landlord
    • Rent statements from student accommodation

Documents that are NOT acceptable:

  • Any ID you have used as the proof of name
  • Driving license
  • Screenshots of web pages, such as screenshots of online banking transactions – if you are uploading an online bill we need the original PDF file, not a screenshot of the first page or photograph of the screen
  • Anything in the ‘Other’ category on the upload page, unless we have specifically said it is acceptable for your account.

Proof of address when bills are not in your name

Card payments will not be accepted if this scenario applies.

If you live with parents or a partner and all bills are in their name, please upload the following in a single file as proof of address, either by creating a multiple page PDF, or by printing out the individual documents and taking a picture of them together:

  • a brief letter from your parent/partner stating that you live with them, signed by the parent/partner;
  • the parent/partner’s proof of ID, as described in the proof of name section; and
  • the parent/partner’s proof of address, as described above.

Proof of bank account

Where proof of bank account is requested, this should be in the form of a standard bank statement that has been issued within the last three months. We will need the first page of the statement, which should show your account number, sort code (or BIC/SWIFT and IBAN), your name, address and overall account information like your current balance.

You can send either a scan of the first page of your statement, or an online copy downloaded from your banking website. We cannot accept screenshots of your online banking pages.

Why are these requirements so strict?

Put simply, our requirements match those of our payment gateway providers. If you have concerns about not being able to provide suitable documents for verification, please get in touch and we will do our best to advise.

What happens if I change my name?

If you change your name, either through marriage or by deed poll, we will need to see a copy of the relevant certificate or document. This needs to be emailed to us once you have updated the name on your profile.

Is there a minimum age restriction for using Cryptosaurus?

There is no minimum age requirement to use Cryptosaurus as long as you can provide the requisite forms of ID, proof of address and bank statements, and are not using credit cards to make purchases.

How much does Cryptosaurus charge?

We charge a 2% fee to cover bank charges, and an additional 2% which goes towards our operational costs. We aim make buying cryptocurrency easy and affordable for all, and will review these charges regularly to ensure they are as low as they can be.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept payment by online/direct bank transfer. We chose this method of payment as it is completely secure, instant and simple to use. However, we are planning to make additional payment options available in the future.

What happens if my payment is delayed?

We recognise that, on occasion, bank transfers and other payment types can be subject to delay. This can be problematic for cryptocurrency transactions as currency rates can be fairly volatile. Any transaction that takes over three hours to complete is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our general rules are:

  • If the delay is the fault of the seller (Cryptosaurus): the trade will go ahead.
  • If the delay is the fault of the buyer or the bank: the decision is left up to the seller.

In general, cryptocurrency sellers try to be reasonable and fair with each transaction – if they are manually verifying trades, they may choose to not complete transactions where the currency rate has gone up (or down) in value by a significant amount, but in most cases where the rate change is minimal they will complete the transaction regardless.

In certain circumstances, sellers will reserve the right to offer a FIAT refund rather than completing the transaction.

Please note that, while our team of Cryptosaurus sellers are committed to providing the best experience possible, they are not able to provide an ‘always-on’ 24/7 service. This can mean that, if your payment is delayed and arrives late (be it outside our standard working hours, or generally outside the expected time-frame) you will need to wait until a seller becomes available before the payment is confirmed and the transaction is completed.

Ultimately, when purchasing cryptocurrency with Cryptosaurus, you will receive either your virtual currency or your money back – we will never leave you out of pocket.

When do I receive my purchased coins?

You will only receive your purchased coins once we have confirmed receipt of your payment.

What happens if I enter the wrong wallet address?

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible if you make a mistake when entering your wallet address – once we have given you a transaction ID, your coins will already be on their way to the specified wallet. Once a transfer has been initiated, there is nothing we can do to cancel it or retrieve the coins.

Please double and triple check that your wallet address is correct when adding it to your order!

Can I make multiple coin purchases through one transaction?

Yes, you can. Select the coins your would like, and the quantity that you require, and they will be combined as one order in your shopping basket.

Are there any countries of residence that can’t purchase through Cryptosaurus?

Yes, we cannot conduct trades with countries that are listed on the United Nations Sanctions and Embargoes list.

How do I become a vendor/seller?

Once registered and verified, you can become a vendor/seller by completing the form on our ‘sell us your coins’ page.